Factores Psicosociales, Estrés y Salud en Diferentes Ocupaciones: un Estudio Exploratorio-Descriptivo.


033Arturo Juárez García

The current study used open questions to identify the main psychosocial factors, perceived stress, coping styles and health problems reported by workers from different occupations. A non probabilistics intentional samples was selected composed by clerical workers, teachers, blue collar workers and nurses (N=216). The results showed different psychosocial stressors in each occupational group but others were shared in all occupations making possible its inclusion in a generalized model. The nurses reported more health problems and stress than the other occupational groups. It was found a coping process which yields in the classic emotion-problem styles theory; also it was identify the social support in the workplace as a very important psychosocial variable; these variables stand out positively in the teachers groups. In the work-family relationship most of the participants reported mainly affectations from the laboral context to the familiar context in aspects like the mood and the time spent.

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