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Psicocardiología su importancia en la prevención y la rehabilitación coronarias

PsicocardiologiaMirta Laham

Psychocardiology is  the  area  of Health  Psychology  that  detects  and intervenes on the various psychosocial factors of coronary risk developing the disease and hamper their rehabilitation. It brings together various Dizzy plines, including cardiology and psychology, working together both in primary prevention and the rehabilitation of coronary artery disease. It is now an interdisciplinary approach to coronary disease. It emerged from daily contact with coronary patient, seeing as he is poorly informed about the characteristics of the disease, its causes, how to prevent it, how to deal with their treatment and what is necessary for their rehabilitation. This article addresses the psychological factors of coronary disease, the social aspects of the coronary health, and psychocardiological therapy in the coronary rehabilitation.

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