InicioRecienteSelf-rated health among climacteric women affiliated to Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

Self-rated health among climacteric women affiliated to Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

Vladislavovna Doubova SvetlanaFour Ladies
Pérez Cuevas Ricardo
Reyes Morales Hortensia

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate self-rated health (SRH) in climacteric women and to identify the factors associated with negative SRH.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Information from 9 248 women aged 40 to 59 years was analyzed. SRH was the dependent variable. Independent variables were demographic characteristics, history of reproductive and chronic diseases, physical activity, and participation in screening and health education programs. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, bivariate analysis, and logistic regression modeling.

RESULTS: Forty-two percent of women reported positive SRH and 58{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} reported negative SRH. Factors associated with negative SRH were: low literacy level (OR 1.78, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.62-1.95), unemployment (OR 1.20, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.09-1.33), menopause (OR 1.22, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.11-1.33), type 2 diabetes (OR 1.88, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.65-2.13) hypertension (OR 2.01, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.82-2.22), irregular physical exercise (OR 1.30, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.12-1.50), sedentarism (OR 1.395, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.23-1.57), lack of information about climacteric (OR 1.17, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 1.07-1.28) and lack of screening for chronic diseases (OR 0.82, CI95{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} 0.75-0.89).

CONCLUSIONS: Factors associated with negative SRH such as lack of information and physical activity should be strengthened.


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