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Análisis de la Salud y Burnout en Profesores Mexicanos

Profesores MexicanosCarmen Camacho Cristiá,
Fernando Arias Galicia.

Health is a concept related to quality of life. In general, developing countries show lower levels of life satisfaction and health than industrialized ones. People work for a living and for getting several types of satisfaction. There are some occupations that may be more prone than others to promote quality of working life whereas other professions may be more deleterious to health. Many pieces of research have shown that jobs in which there are intense relationships with people may facilitate the appearance of burnout, that is to say, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and lack of accomplishment, which in turn may lead to poor health. The teaching  profession is one in which constant relationships with students may induce to this situation. Besides, not all students at different educational levels are the same. Therefore this research is aimed to answer two questions: which component of burnout shows greater weight regarding poor health? and professors at different educational levels experience the same pattern of burnout influences in health? To answer these questions 576 teachers from the southern Veracruz state in Mexico were surveyed.


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