InicioRecienteBurnout, Karoshi, Mobbing: Fenómenos psicosociales del trabajo.

Burnout, Karoshi, Mobbing: Fenómenos psicosociales del trabajo.

009Susana Martínez Alcántara
Araceli Hernández Sánchez

Burnout, mobbing and karoshi are new psychosocial phenomenas closely related to workplace stress, that is generated by the interaction between work overload and the realtionships established by workers with their colleagues, superiors, and others (clients, patients, students). There is an urgent need to study the problem further due to its negative consequences for workers’psychophysical stability. Few studies of these disorders have been undertaken in Mexico. We document the extent of the problem using data from the European Union, describing its importance, it cost, and the legal measures wich have been implemented for revention of these disorders in EU contries.

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