InicioRecienteEl absentismo laboral como consecuente de variables organizacionales

El absentismo laboral como consecuente de variables organizacionales

Absenteeims from workJoan Boada i Grau,
Raúl de Diego Vallejo,
Esteban Argulló Tomás,
M. Angel Mañas Rodríguez.

Absenteeims from work as consequent of organizational variables. The current empirical study is included in a research line where a set of variables as mobbing, tha labor tension, work risks and the corporative culture are elevated antecedents of the Absenteeims. The eight objetives of the predictive study use Absenteeims (in the four types: Excuses and feigning, Permissions and licenses, Avoidance and expansion of tasks, and Distractions and use of resourses of the company) always as criterion varible. The use predicting variables are: sociodemographics data, behaviours of mobbing, effects of mobbing, symptomatic consequences of mobbing, the labor tension, the work risks and the organizational culture. The sample consists of 365 employees who are working in companies located in the following provinces: Tarragona, Barcelona, Lérida and Valladolid. Eight validated instruments were applied to workers from those regions. The obtained results indicate that some the predicting variables as mobbing, labor tension, work risks and the X culture affect of significant from the variable criterion (Absenteeims).



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