InicioRecienteEstado actual y retos futuros en el estudio del burnout

Estado actual y retos futuros en el estudio del burnout

BOburnoutMarisa Salanova &  Susana Llorens

The main objective of this paper is to provide a review of the current applied research on burnout. We begin with the burnout concept, its evolution, since the first studies in service jobs to the present in which research has demonstrated the relevance of other occupations, and to extent the key dimensions of burnout. Secondly, we will examine how to assess burnout in function of the initial conceptual approach as well as of the objective group under examination. In third place, we will describe the main strategies of psychosocial intervention classified according to its objectives (primary, secondary and/or tertiary intervention) and the focus (person centered and/or organization centered). Finally, we will provide information about some challengers of future research on burnout, basically in engagement study from a theoretical approach based on the new movement of positive psychology.


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