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Estrés y burnout en profesores

Estrés y burnout en profesores

Juan Antonio Moriana Elvira
Javier Herruzo Cabrera

(Universidad de Córdoba, España)

In the present theoretical study the main discoveries and researches in teachers´ stress and burnout are reviewed. In first place, studies focused on isolating the different causes of sociodemografic, organizational and personality type are analysed.

Immediately after, the theoretical models that try to explain this phenomenon are presented as well as other related variables and the personal, familiar and organizational consequences associated to them. Finally, the main evaluation instruments and the latest tendencies in prevention and intervention are presented. After having revised in
detail the existing scientific literature on this topic, some limitations are detected in the used methodology with teachers as well as the inadequacy of the methodological approaches assigned to them. The data point out bigger indexes of absenteeism and leaves of absence, this situation implies a high cost for the Educational Administration.
Thus it is that, we propose a reflection on these aspects as well as in the convenience of adopting experimental designs and systems of early detection and prevention.


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