InicioRecienteRepresentaciones del estrés y su invisibilidad para la atención.

Representaciones del estrés y su invisibilidad para la atención.

021Josefina Ramírez Velázquez

This paper is an analysis of stress in a group of phone operators within the context of working conditions characterized by tense relationship among workers and union representatives colluded with manangers and medical authorities, which play a significant role in trying to ignore the existence of stress as an expression of working conditions in this group. Stress is considered in this study as a complex expression that is clearly compromised by cultural and ideological perspectives, attached to specific meaning and social uses. By ‘meaning’ I referred to the interpretation of socially constructed representations; within the stress that accounts for diverse notions, practices and narratives that oftentimes become opposed to each other. In the case of the stress for the group of phone operators it is expressed as a collective experience with and political grounds that go beyond their bodies.

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