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Síndrome de Burnout en enfermeras de un hospital regional

Enfermera 2Thania Adriana Tapia-Hernández,
María del Rosario Ávalos-García,
Ricarda César-Vargas,
Rosa Ana Franco-Alcántar,
Alonso Carlos Gómez-Alonso,
Alain Rodríguez-Orozco.

Introduction: Burnout’s syndrome is a set of signs and symptoms derived from a progressive and gradual process due to negative stressors. Objective: To identify the frequency of Burnout’s syndrome on the nursing staff who work in the morning shift at Regional General Hospital, Morelia, Michoacan. Methodology: Descriptive study where 106 were surveyed during 6 months, and the Maslach Burnout Inventory was applied, in order to estimate the presence of burnout syndrome and de degree of burned dimensions. Results: In 91.5 {20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} nurses, at least one of the burned dimensions was found. The levels of commitment en every single dimension correspond to 63.2{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} burn in low level, 19.8 {20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} burn in medium level, and 8.5{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} in high levels; and only 8.5{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586} nurses did not show up any burn dimension. The population of surveyed nurses showed a prevalence of the burnout syndrome was 8.5{20a60b73a1cda07ce2433237b967754d6e53d5d16fc2e14f7e109f91f7e5e586}. Conclusions: The global incidence of Burnout’s syndrome was alike to that reported by others studies made in Mexican nurses. The population of surveyed nurses showed a prevalence of Burnout’s syndrome inferior to those nurses from Mexico, City, which it could be so because they handle in a better way the facing strategies to different stressors. The frequency of burnout’s syndrome in nursing staff working during morning shift at the Regional Hospital in Morelia State was similar to that Mexican research in similar populations.



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