Un estudio exploratorio sobre estresores laborales en conductores de transporte público colectivo en el Estado de Morelos, México.


027Carla C. Lima Aranzaes
Arturo Juárez García

Objective. To identify stressors perceived by collective public transport drivers from the municipality of Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

Material and methods. A semi structured interview was conducted to 191 collective public transport drivers of the main public service transportation.

Results. It was revealed the presence of fifteen major stressors in the sample survey, which includes traffic, the time pressures that drivers
usually have and the pressure to complete daily a certain amount of money.

Conclusions. The study identified stressors similar to those reported in other investigations carried out in similar populations, as well as specific stressors of the study context. It is suggested that future studies relate these stressors with other variables such as physical and mental health in collective public transport drivers.

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