InicioRecienteEnfoque del Presentismo en Empresas de Salud

Enfoque del Presentismo en Empresas de Salud

Enfoque del Presentismo en Empresas de SaludRodrigo Rojas

TM especialista en Calidad Lab Biochs

Presenteeism is a phenomenon related to occupational health and work productivity that describes the relationship between disease and loss of productivity. Standard ISO 9000 and the system of Health Management and Occupational Safety OSHA 18001 establish, within its requirements, the management of the work environment so that it does not affect negatively the quality of the processes, and one of its central elements is the protection of personnel health and, therefore, it allows to aim at and actuate on the causes of this phenomenon. In this paper a vision on this phenomenon is provided at Health Services where the problem is more common, which are the services related to patient care and specially among personnel working in shifts or in home health care of intensive care patients. To the foregoing we should add that the degree of commitment of personnel working with patients leads them to avoid absenteeism.

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