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Work-family relationships and health in working women

Feldman, LyaFamilia Moto

OBJECTIVE: To study the relationship between gratifications and interferences generated in the work-family relationship and its impact on working women’s health.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: A non-experimental, correlational design was used. A group of 402 working women between 27 and 71 years of age were tested in Caracas, Venezuela during 2006, to measure work-family relationship, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, wellbeing, health perception and number of symptoms.

RESULTS: It was found that the gratifications in the work-family relationship are related to better wellbeing and self-esteem, less depression, anxiety and symptom report. Presence of more interferences was associated with more depression, anxiety and number of symptoms.

CONCLUSIONS: These results give an indication of protective and risk factors for multiple-role women’s health and could provide some guidelines for intervention programs.


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